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Made in Spain
Protection factor FFP2 NR
Option without valve
European CE certification
Tested by AITEX 0161 report 2020EC4296
Standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009
White color

High breathbility, latex free, elasticity, multilayer, non-woven, lightweight foldable

•    Always follow the instructions and recommendations provided by the manufacturer.
•    For reasons of comfort and hygiene, do not use for more than 8 consecutive hours.
•    In case of deterioration, replace the mask with a new one.

*Check here the guide of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs on the different types of masks.

Particulate filtration half mask FFP2 NR

Without exhalation valve. Covers nose, mouth and chin, white color. It has two elastic adjustment bands for ears and nose clip.

Five layers of non-woven fabric: spunbond, meltblown, separate, meltblown, spunbond.

Variant: MK-2021

Storage: Preserve from -20ºC to 25ºC and <80º% HR.

Manteinance: Keep in a clean and dry place.

Precautions: Wash hands with soap and water or hydro alcoholic solution before wearing the mask.

Packaging method: Individual unit packaging and box packaging.

For solid and liquid particles of low and medium toxicity. Use against non-ferrous metal dust, metal fumes from welding, gases and mists of different materials such as lead, aluminum and magnesium.

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